Ring Alarm Outdoor Contact Sensor without base station?

I would like to use Ring Alarm Outdoor Contact Sensor without a Ring Alarm base station or without a Ring Alarm Pro base station.

Are there other options to add a Ring Alarm Outdoor Contact Sensor and have it work with the Ring App?

Maybe with the Chime Pro network? Or with some other bridge or hub?

Any thoughts, links or assistance is appreciated.
Thank you

Hi @hand123. This isn’t how the Ring Alarm Outdoor Contact Sensor works. Ring Alarm accessories operate off of a Z-Wave network that is broadcast by the Ring Alarm Base Station. Without a Base Station, there is no way to get any Contact Sensors integrated in the Ring app.

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I’m surprised that with all of the Hue, SmartThings, Lutron and Amazon Hubs I have in my home that none of them would recognize the Ring contact sensors. Especially with the Amazon Echo and Amazon Alexa app. That is really too bad since the Ring cameras, Ring Chime and Ring doorbells work with Amazon Echo and Amazon Alexa. Ring should add integration with all of their sensors with Amazon. Amazon has owned Ring since 2018. Any other advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

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