Ring Alarm notifications to shared users

I have my wife set up as a shared user with access to all devices, in order to be my ‘backup person’. This is sometimes a bit annoying because the app notifies her phone multiple times each morning, several hours before she needs to get out of bed, when I disable the alarm to leave, and then again when the outside cameras detect me walking out the back door, and backing out of the driveway. I don’t even re-enable the alarm to avoid causing one more notification.

The bigger problem is that I was also going to add my daughter as a user, to be a second backup person to be called, in case we were both out of town during an alarm. But she has a husband and two small children, who wouldn’t appreciate being disturbed unnecessarily the same way each morning. She has a Ring doorbell, and we bought them a Ring alarm system for Christmas despite my reservations over the year-old major bug of not automatically reconnecting to WiFi, so I would assume that our alarm would need to be set up in her app as a second location.

Is there any way to keep her from getting any notifications on our system except for real alarms? I don’t see any option for that in the user setup. Even if she turned off notifications for the cameras at her end, is there any way to not be notified by the system except for an alarm? I don’t see any need for a shared user to be notified every time I enable or disable the alarm.


Glad you asked, @RonE! A Shared User can control the Alarm notifications received on their Ring app, individually from the owner’s. This can be done in the Ring app menu by visiting Settings, then Alarm Alerts. A shared user changing these options will not impact notifications received from your Ring app as the owner.

This means your shared users could disable alerts as they wish, and enable them when needed. The emergency contacts are separate from notifications settings, and each would still receive a call in the event of an emergency and the primary contact not answering the call. Check out our help center article about Alarm users and roles for more tips on adding shared users. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: