Ring Alarm not activating immediately in Home mode

Home mode = upstairs disarmed and downstairs fully armed (used for when we sleep at night).

So upstairs IR sensors are inactive but the downstairs ones plus door/window contacts are all armed.
I have a 30s entry/exit delay in this mode.
My front door is “main” but EVERY other DC is “secondary”.
My Garage is “entryway” but EVERY other IR is “room”
This means that apart from upstairs sensors and downstairs front door/downstairs garage, EVERY other downstairs sensor should trigger the alarm immediately.

However, I’ve found that when in Home mode, I come downstairs (and I’ve forgotten to disarm) but when I get sensed by the hallway IR sensor, the ring base station light turns red but nothing happens.
Approximately 7-8s later, THAT’s when the alarm sounds.
Now the way I’ve set the system up, the alarm should be sounding IMMEDIATELY from when the hallway IR sensor picks me up as it’s classed as being in a “room”…so why the 7-8s delay?
Does this mean if we get burgled during the night, the burglar has 7-8s of “free rein” to march through the hallway and smash the base station to bits to disable the alarm system?
Why is it not sounding immediately as it is meant to do?

Hi @DrGaffer. I’d recommend factory resetting the Motion Detector in your hallway and setting it back up in the Ring app to fully refresh its connection with your Base Station. You can find steps on how to factory reset your Ring Alarm devices in our Help Center Article here. If you still notice any delays with your Motion Detector or Base Station, please follow up with our support team at one of the numbers available here so they can provide more in-depth troubleshooting. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

Thank you for the advice. :+1:t4:

I have removed the sensor and re-added it.
I’ll test it out tonight and update what I’ve found.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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OK, so I’ve redone the test and it’s still 7s…but it’s about distance not time.

Experimenting with the motion sensor in the lounge and that takes 1-2s = entirely acceptable. The door contacts are alarming straight away.
I’ve now realised it’s distance not time, in the lounge one or two steps away from the furthest back wall and it alarms so I know it’s not the sensors.

In the hallway I have a “floating stairs” staircase.
My previous alarm’s IR sensor would see me through the gaps in the stairs and alarm.
The current Ring IR also “sees” me through the gaps in stairs as the motion tests confirms it can see me.
However, it only alarms once I come into full view of the sensor…which at walking pace happens to be about 6-7s from starting to come downstairs.

So effectively the motion sensor has a shorter range than my old yale in the place I’ve usually got it. A fix would be for me to add another sensor at the other end of the hall or reposition this one.

Thanks for your help.

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