Ring Alarm + Nest Thermostat Alexa routine

I have an AirBNB / VRBO with Ring Alarm and Nest Thermostats. A few times now, I’ve had renters leave an upstairs bathroom window open (while the air conditioner continued running). Am wanting an Alexa routine that will turn off all thermostats if a door or window is open longer than 5 minutes. Read an article where someone else was doing this (different alarm system) using Yonomi (routine). First step was to add door and window contact sensors into a group (which you can’t do in the Ring app so I tried testing with just a specific window). Second step (that turned off the thermostats) wasn’t very clearly documented. Haven’t setup Yonomi yet but tried with native Alexa and “wait” is just that - a delay. Not sure any automation app (Yonomi, SimpleCommands, etc) checks if it’s been X minutes since last “open” status. Would greatly appreciate any assistance. In my case, it would mean more sales for Ring as I have multiple houses and don’t put contact sensors on anything upstairs but I would if I could first prove out a routine like this works.