Ring Alarm needs upgrade for Professional Monitoring

The ring alarm professional monitoring needs an upgrade badly! This is a huge safety issue. When the alarm goes off and ring alarm calls you, it is an automated system and not a human. You just have to say you acknowledge if everything is ok and then you hang up, but if there truly was an intruder that had u at gunpoint or was near you listening in to see what u answer you’re screwed. My old alarm company would have a human call and ask for your secret word and if you said something other than your secret word they would know something was up and send help right away. When ring alarm calls you don’t even use ur secret word. Also, when a door or window opens it just beeps, but doesn’t tell you which door or window opened. That needs to be upgraded as well. It would definitely help in case some got into your home you would know exactly which window or door opened.

you can change the settings so an automated person doesn’t call

Really? I can? I’m gonna look into it. Thank you.

yes! I don’t know exactly how but if you call community support, they can help you

Thank you. I called and they said an automated call is received when the alarm is cancelled but a real person will call when the alarm is not cancelled.

Hi @Loricakes. Thanks for sharing your feedback on the Ring Alarm system and the Professional Monitoring feature. If you had just set up the Professional Monitoring, it sounds like you may have still been on the 7-day practice period, which you can read more about in our Help Center Article here. With the 7-day practice period, you would receive an automated call like you mentioned. It may have also been the Confirmation Call if you have this setting enabled in the Ring App, as our support team mentioned. I hope this information helps clear things up for you as well. :slight_smile: