Ring alarm motion sensors and small dogs

If the motion sensors are set to highest sensitivity will chihuahuas set them off?

Hey @Topdog417. How much do the chihuahuas weigh? While it does depend on the weight and activity of the animal, you will want to have your sensitivity on the lower side of things in comparison to the higher sensitivity, to ensure you do not get false alarms. We go into more information on this in our Ring Help Center Article here.

From my personal experience with a 20 pound cat and a 10 pound cat, I have found that they can tend to set off my Ring Alarm even on the lowest sensitivity for motion. This has results in me only have motion detectors in the areas that they are not around. This is because, even on the lowest settings, the PIR sensor in the motion detector is set off from when they are running around the house, up a cat tower, or around my couch. Since this is a heat signature movement that can be fast like a human, the motion detector picks them up on low sensitivity, even though this is supposed to be picking up things only above about 25 pounds. It will all depend on the movement and environment, so I say play around with the settings!

Lastly, I would be happy to give you a better estimate on what your situation will be like if I could see a picture or two of these chihuahuas! :wink:

One is 7 pounds the other about 12. The 12lb one is caged while alarm is armed