Ring Alarm Motion Schedules

The fact is, they’ve missed the boat. Just like Amazon Blink misses the boat. It’s 2023 and they keep adding more bells and whistles to the sofware except the biggest thing it needs.

The basic use case that every customer needs for any of their devices, all of their devices is simply not there: Scheduling Motion Alerts ability across ALL their devices.

This week I installed the Ring Security System. Realized after talking to support and the obvious missing behavior in the app that you cannot schedule motion detection on any of the devices that come with it. So the Home Security system is completely useless to me because the whole point of me trying another system was that the software would allow me to finally schedule this stuff.

I read wrong in the reviews on Amazon. People talked about scheduling but what they were really talking about in lemans terms was being able to schedule the police and fire functionality on a schedule. Scheduling Alarms for “Modes”. And Blink is confusing because it doesn’t explain what that means in their software. You think you’re also including scheduling across all devices for alerts and you aren’t. Modes and Alerts are two different things and you can’t schedule alert behavior.

Instead, I’m still stuck with the scenario that my kids or wife wake up before me, triggering our motion sensors, our door sensors and it completely wakes me up way too early because of that. Worse, you have to go into the app and MANUALLY shut off the motion one by one. And worse, to do that, that takes many taps. Either way having to be woken up or do this manually every time, is utterly ridiculous and you wonder how this stuff even sells for Ring. How does anyone feel that’s just fine, having to manually tell your devices to shut up when they should be on a schedule, done, and forget about it.

With that, I completely tried to turn off alerts on the motion detector. Says it’s disabled but the stupid thing keeps alerting the Ring Security Base…making noise.

I’m returning the Ring Security System. I’m getting out of the Ring line of products. I’ll keep my ring Doorbell and my new Ring Spotlight cam because I can schedule the Cam and the Ring doorbell works well. But if I will no longer try other products from them going forward.

It’s of no use if I have to be interrupted during the day or too early in the day when I’m not awake yet. It’s a shame, the rest of the product is great. How they neglect this is beyond me. How they are keeping sales up is beyond me. I can guarantee you they are losing potential or even existing customers once people try to extend their ring collection to realize you can’t schedule half the devices you have.

This review is also going on Amazon ASAP, this is ridiculous.