Ring Alarm linked to Security Camera

Since there is no extrernal siren available for the Ring Alarm I wondered if you can link an external Security Camera so that it’s siren will sound when the Ring Alarm is actvated?

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No, they can’t. It’s been asked as a request many times.

Thnaks, hopefully they’ll take the feedback and change the programming to allow for it in the future!

I even asked for the lights to either strobe or go on and off

Strange really because I noted you can set it to start recording once an alarm is activated, you would have thought they would have incluced the options for lights or the siren to go off also

Yes it’s a shame they don’t add this feature. I do have two of the dome sirens and they work well and are only $30.

I’m hopeful they will add it in the future at some point.

Not gonna happen. They do this to get you to purchase the dome siren. It would be such an easy software update for them to enable this feature but they don’t.

Only thing is that the dome sirens aren’t made for the outside. They’re good in the house though. Everyone wants an external siren.
They keep coming out with new stuff. Will see.

Hello @WingRING01 ,

Ring has listened to all the Kudo votes on the numerous “Feature Request” board and the camera sirens can also now be linked to the Alarm Base Station siren! So now when the Base Station siren goes off, the Ring cameras (that have siren feature) can also sound off with their siren (here in the USA, and if not yet available in other countries it should be soon)!

So, I immediately went to my Ring App to link mine also! But, I was briefly disappointed when I tried to do it because I did not initially see any change in the App. It initially appeared to still only make the cameras record when the alarm sounded . . . until I looked more closely. So, yes, the camera sirens CAN be linked now by:

  • Menu > Devices > Alarm Base Station > Base Station > Linked Devices > Alarm Sounding >

After selecting “Alarm Sounding”, this is where I was briefly disappointed because I thought it was still just to select the cameras to only record. Then I noticed the “Explanation-Point” Icon, just right of the “Camera” Icon. Now I understood that by selecting this “Explanation-Point” Icon, it links the camera’s siren to the alarm too! So after selecting “Alarm Sounding” then:

  • Select “Explanation-Point” Icon for the cameras you wish to sound off their siren with the Base Station > then “Save”.

Wonderful! Thank you Ring! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

FYI to: @philmints , and @Jesse1

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