Ring Alarm LESS THAN 30 Second Entry Delay


Is there any ETA on when there will be a 15 second or at least less than 30 second Entry Delay for the Alarm to go off. When a contact sensor goes off, it would be nice to have the alarm go off in 10-15 seconds so it gives a possible intruder the least amount of time.

Thanks in advance!

I would like this also. Someone could do a lot of nefarious things in 30 seconds and 30 seconds is way more than the owner needs to shut off the system when they enter.

Hi neighbors. At this time, we do not have any information to provide regarding adding different entry and exit delay times. If we receive an update, we will make sure to notify the Community. I was also able to find this Feature Request post where other neighbors are requesting the same feature. Feel free to comment and vote on it.

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