Ring Alarm Keypad Volume not changing

I need help figuring out why the volume on my keypad will not turn down. My keypad and base station are very close together and I only want the sound to play through the base station. Every time I go to adjust the volume for the keypad to be set to 0 it never changes the volume on the keypad and stays at its max volume. Also after the chirp sound plays there is a pop sound coming from the speaker that follows.

Hi @Yuki20T. You should be able to adjust the volume on your Ring Keypad under the Audio Settings tile. If that doesn’t appear to be working, you may need to reset the Keypad and set it back up in the Ring app to ensure the settings are working properly. You can find steps on how to reset your Keypad here. Make sure to select the option for either a 1st Generation or 2nd Generation Keypad based on which one you have.

If these audio issues persist after resetting your Keypad and performing a new setup, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. Request to speak with the Ring Alarm team specifically.