Ring Alarm Keypad (2nd gen) Network / Battery Lights do not seem to be available on keypad supplied

Looked at the Ring document “Ring Alarm Keypad (2nd gen) Lights and Buttons Explained” and on the keypad I do not appear to have the network / battery lights!!

Am I missing something ??

Hi there, @Evobish! It sounds like you are referencing this Help Center article, in which there should be an area where those indicators will illuminate as explained there. Please ensure also that your Keypad button layout matches that one. Please note that these lights will only illuminate if you have a wifi issue, during the wifi connection / pairing process, and/ or if you need to charge the battery. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

The keypad layout on my device matches the “Ring Alarm Keypad (2nd gen) Lights and Buttons Explained” document except these two lights are not shown. Are you saying that Ring supply differing keypads to the document. If so that is not very sensible!!!

Wait for your reply

Hi @Evobish. Would you be able to share a picture of the Keypad you have? As Marley mentioned, the Network/Battery lights will only illuminate under specific circumstances.

Additionally, you can always remove the Keypad from your system, factory reset it and add it again. During this process, you should see the Network/Battery lights temporarily illuminate and you can confirm they’re operation.