Ring Alarm is on Cellular Backup

When I go to my Dashboard for Ring it is displaying “Ring Alarm is on Cellular Backup”. I brought the network down and back up and it is still displaying this on my Dashboard. How do I correct this? Thanks.

Hey @CoachDaveB, have you attempted to hit the button on your dashboard that says “Join Another Network?” It will take you through a re-paring to the Base and reconnecting it to your wifi network, but this should help bring it out of cellular backup! Let me know how this works for you. :smiley_cat:

Interesting. Same thing is happening to me today. Was there an update or something?

FYI I started a new topic for my issues…

I had the same issue. after losing internet connection, Ring Alarm went to cellular backup. I tried 15 times to reconnect to WiFi, to 4 different SSIDs in my house. I confirmed I could connect with other devices and had max signal at 10 feet from the router. Ring Alarm failed to connect every time, so I connected my Ring Alarm to my router via Ethernet cable. This worked fine, but then When the router restarted the next night, Ring Alarm lost connection to internet and went to cellular backup again. When the router finished rebooting, Ring Alarm stayed on cellular backup.