Ring alarm ireland

Has anybody purchased a ring alarm yet and used it in ireland or would it still work ok of done so.

Glad you asked @David84! We advise not to use Alarm anywhere it has not been released. At this time, the Alarm system is available in US, Canada, and the UK. As each country differs in environments, requirements, and regulations, an Alarm from the US cannot be used the same in the UK and so on.

Keep a watch on Ring.com/announcements for any updates or future releases. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


I am also a user of Ring cameras located in Ireland and also would like to purchase the Ring Alarm system too. It is strange that the Ring Alarm system is depended on “environments, requirements, and regulations” to resistrict it working only in particular countries?

As far as regulations are concerned, there are none in Ireland to restrict any company selling any alarm system; as for environments it rains just as much in Ireland as in the UK, and regarding requirements, our internet speeds rank 20th fastest in the world. Unless it has something to do with provisions for personnel “call centre” monitoring? Either way, can you tell us does Ring plan to launch the Alarm system in Ireland anytime soon? I ask as I plan to purchase an alternative brand of smart alarm! However, it would be great to know if a launch is imminent before my purchasing of another alarm system.

Much appreacite Ring Teams help