Ring Alarm Home Security Kit 2 in Poland

I’ve purchased RING Home Security Kit 2 Gen from my local retailer. When I started to configure the alarm, I’ve received information that ‘This Base Station may not be compatible with your region’. On the other hand when I’m looking at https://support.help.ring.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360048999972-Ring-Alarm-availability-in-Europe it clearly states that the devise is supported in Poland.

Is it safe for me to ignore the notification in the application or should I return it to the retailer?

Hi @user76922. It is possible the retailer sold you a Ring Alarm that was meant for another region. I would recommend returning it and getting a replacement.

Is there any way to get to know if the product is intended for polish distribution before buying it? After we’ve opened it, there was a flyer in Polish only language. Also, it had US to EU power adapter.

Hi @user76922. The best way would be to purchase from Ring.com and use the country selector to choose your country.

You’re not shipping to Poland despite supporting polish regoin.

Hi @user76922. Since Brexit, sales and shipping have changed. The article lists Ring Alarm as compatible for shipping reasons and existing Ring Alarm users. For new purchases, shipping to Poland is not available. Sorry for the confusion. I’ll forward this to my team to clarify this information in the Help Center article.