Ring Alarm goes into Self Monitoring mode on its own

I called support two days ago and spoke to Jeremy when our alarm mysteriously tripped on a window sensor. First thing my wife asked was, why didn’t we get a call from the Ring monitoring station about the alarm? So I called Ring support and they told me the system was in Self Monitor mode.

This has happened twice within the past year without any intervention what so ever from the Ring app. I paid for the yearly Professional monitoring service, activated the Pro service in the app, and for no reason it falls back into Self Monitoring mode. This is EXTREMELY worrisome that I’m depending on an alarm system that is also tied into our smoke/CO alarms throughout the house. Jeremy, while very professional, didn’t understand it either. I asked for him to escalate this issue to a higher level to see why this keeps happening. He said he created a ticket and I should have received an email, which I’ve yet to see.

Outside of this, I don’t have issues with this system and it works pretty well. I even want to buy a 2nd one for a 2nd property but now I don’t have confidence. What’s the point of paying for the Professional monitoring service when I cant trust its going to stay in that mode?

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Hey @Compaholic. I’m sorry to hear that this has happened and this is definitely not the experience we want our neighbors to have. Have you had any follow up via email from Jeremy on this escalation? Once escalated, you should normally get a follow up of some kind in 48-72 business hours, so we may need to wait this time, but if it has been more than 72 business hours, please give a call back in so someone can take a look into this and see if they’re still looking into it.

Please let me know how this goes! :slight_smile: