Ring alarm for tenants and myself

I recently installed the Ring security system in my rental property (no cameras). I want my new tenants to have access to the system, without having access to my account. I’m also installing ring video equipment in my current home. How can I allow my tenants to fully control the security system to their house, while not having access to the one in my own?

Hi @Lilhorn83 ! Perhaps this may help, Guest User Scheduling for Ring Alarm.

Let me know if that would work for you and your rentals! With this, they should not have access to your cameras :slight_smile:

I want my tenants to have full access to the alarm system (ie; change settings, be the one who gets the calls, etc) but without having access to my own system. So basically, I need almost separate accounts. One they control and one for my own house. I prefer not to make my tenants activate their own service but I don’t know how else to give them access.

Why would you not setup two accounts. I would get another generic email like myrental@gmail.com.

Only you would know the security questions to change the password for the email account.

Setup the rental ring with this email, then add your renters email as a user for the rental

They would get the 2fa when they login

You could remove them when the property turns over.

Correct me if I’m wrong but you can add a shared user per device. So you can add them as a shared user for a particular Ring Alarm and thy’d be able to do everything while you’re still the device owner and so you’d have the authority to remove them.

If you want to go a separate account route, you don’t need a new email address. Gmail has a feature where if you have the email address me@gmail.com then any email sent to me+whateveriwant@gmail.com will go to your address. So you won’t need to create a new email. This way you can create a filter and a separate label for all rental activity.