Ring alarm for home and out building?

I’m fairly new to Ring so please bear with me. I do have a Ring doorbell though…
I’m looking to add an alarm system to my house and would also like to be able to protect my 2 sheds at the bottom of the garden.
Wi-fi does reach the garden so coverage shouldn’t be a problem.
My question is: Can I have the sheds alarmed whilst the house is not? Obviously I’d like to have protection for the sheds even when we are in the house.
I was thinking I could use the motion detector or door contacts on the sheds.

Hi @DStar. The Ring Alarm system components utilize Z-Wave to communicate with the Base Station, and the Base Station uses wifi to connect to the Ring app. Typically, Contact Sensors or Motion Detectors mounted on a shed or building outside the home are unable to maintain a stable connection due to interference and distance.

Additionally, you cannot set separate groups of Sensors to be monitored separately from the rest of the system. When editing your Mode settings, you’re able to select which Sensors are monitored in Home and which Sensors are monitored in Away, but you can’t group these out or create a custom Mode at this time.