Ring Alarm for Australia?

Hello fellow Ringets,
Just wondering if you can tell me when the Ring alarm is going to be introduced into Australia. I’m hanging out to introduce it to all my other Ring products.
I’d be more than happy to be the test bunny down under for it.
Kindest of regards


Same here daniel, If i was to take a guess it would be because of the frequency restrictions that we have here its taking that bit longer to get to us. The minute it does go up for sale though i am getting one

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Frequency would absolutely be the holdup, since it uses Z-Wave. Our frequency range in Aus and NZ is different for Z-Wave than the US. That’s why it took so long for Smartthings to get here. My bet is we’ll be waiting a while. You could always get one through a forwarder in the US, but do that at your own discretion because it will be operating on an unpermitted frequency band.