Ring Alarm Flood/Freeze Sensor on Wet Carpet

Anyone know if the Ring Alarm Flood and Freeze Sensor will work to detect wet carpet? I recently had an HVAC mini split room unit leak water on our bedroom carpet. If I hadn’t noticed the dripping noise, it could’ve been disastrous, since the bedroom is on the second floor. I have a flood/freeze sensor in our basement to alarm me when the backup sump pump is running due to high water. It seems to work well. Just not sure if it will detect moist carpet very well? I suppose I could test it the next time it happens.

Hi @dinkster07. It’s difficult to say if it will be detected on carpet, due to the fact that there are different types of carpet. Some carpet is very dense and “small” while others are fluffy and thick. I would recommend utilizing a drip tray and placing the sensor there rather than directly on the carpet.

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Thanks for the suggestion, Tom! I didn’t think of using some sort of pan beneath the unit. It would be an eyesore, but better than water leaking thru the ceiling below.

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