Ring alarm - disappeared from my app

Hi, suddenly the alarm base + all sensors disappeared from my app. The system works fine only without the app. I can still see the History under History tab. Tried to sign out and in. Also reinsatll the app - with no success. As the unit is already registered i can’t install it again unless i delete frist but as I can’t see it on the app - i can’t delete it .As i live outdise the US they could not help me. I just need to make factory reset to the base unit so I will satrt the process of installing as if I just boutht the kit.PLEASE HELP

somebody ? anybody …

Hey @uriah ! It sounds like the Alarm devices did not register all the way. We recommend unregistering the Base Station following these steps:

  1. On the Device List in the app, tap Alarm.
  2. Tap Alarm Base Station.
  3. In the upper right corner, tap Settings.
  4. Tap Advanced Options.
  5. Tap Unregister Base Station.
  6. Tap Unregister.
  7. Tap OK.

With your concern being that you are unable to access the Alarm devices, this may not work for you. If not, please contact our support team at 800-656-1918 so they can assist further with this. Thank you!

Hi and thank you. Well I can’t see the alarm on my devices to begin with.Can you explain how can I make factory reset to delete and start over? I did try and I reset the base with pin but at the end I keep getting this massage that it’s registered to someone else - that would be me. I need to get back to dat 1 when I just got it. Problem is that I am outside the USA so they won’t help…

I installed my ring alarm months ago and it has worked for quite some time.

It’s 4 am. I just went to check my Alarm sensor status to see what doors were opening downstairs. But my alarm had disappeared from the app.

Why is the product defective? For the consumer the app and the hardware combine to be “the product.” That functionality is why we purchased it. Why is the app/software losing the hardware? It retained the 2 ring cameras but lost the ring alarm system.

I’m not looking forward to the pain in the butt process described to re-add my Alarm system.

This is a serious failure. Shows that the alarm wouldn’t notify me or anyone at the call center. It would just be making noise at the house. Not notifying me while I am away. FAIL!

Why should we have to set it up, then check it daily/weekly to see if it’s still working? The answer provided only explains how to re-add a system that was already in place. We need to know that the problem has been found and corrected. We don’t want a product for home security that randomly goes away!

Your answer seems to put the burden back on us to reinstall the same defective product. Then what? Hope it doesn’t happen again? Set the alarm and then wonder if we will be able to disarm it when we come back home?

This just happened to me this morning. Any tips? I reinstalled & still nothing.

You will need to make hard reset on the base unit and then install all the sensors all over again. This should work
Please update me.

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if you have more than one camera, click on the main one individually and see if the alarm is there. It worked for me.
Click on the 3 lines top left in the app
Then the locations
Then the main address
You should then see to alarm

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