Ring Alarm contact sensor

Hello All,

Those who own the Ring Alarm contact sensor

  • Is the ring Alarm Contact Sensor WiFi dependent ( meaning if the WiFi is offline for some reason, will the ring Alarm Contact Sensor still do it’s job by beeping ?)

  • How often do you have to charge the battery

Any other info you could assist with would be of great help.

thank you all

Good questions, @WATCHDOG-LANE! Your Ring Alarm devices, such as the Contact Sensor, Keypad, and Motion Detector, will connect to the Ring Alarm Base Station via zwave, and then your Base Station connects to your network via wifi or ethernet. Check out our help center article for more details on how this works. You’ll notice this article also mentions cellular back up, which will allow your Alarm devices to remain connected in the event of a power/ network outage. A Ring Protect Plus subscription is required to have cellular backup.

As for battery life on your Alarm Contact Sensor, this uses two CR2032 batteries which may last up to 3 years depending on usage. Cold temperatures may drain battery life faster. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: