Ring alarm compatibility with cameras and other sensors

Two questions about the ring Alarm:

Are the ring cameras compatible with and/or integrated into the Ring Alarm system? If not, are there plans to integrate, and if so, when?

Are there any glass break sensors that are compatible with Ring Alarm system?

There is limited integration between the alarm and the cameras. What it can do is when the alarm is triggered it can start the cameras recording. What it cannot do, is turn the cameras on/off with setting the alarm, or use the camera sirens as alarm sirens. I expect Ring to be doing more integration over time.

There is no compatible glass break sensor at this time.


Thank you. Hopefully Ring will continue to enhance the functionality, interoperability and integration of the various Ring products. A glass break detector from Ring or one that is compatible with Ring would make Ring very competitive in the DIY home security market.

Hey there, @pcva! If you are interested also, there is a feature through Alexa Guard that can be used asyour glass breaking detector. We are always working on new features, devices, and integrations, so please stay tuned for any future updates!

Let your “Thumbs Up” be seen as your vote for Glass Break Sensors. Ring Teams notice Feature Requests with higher Thumbs Up numbers, and then are more likely to concern the request. There are other Glass Break Sensor Requests on the Feature Board. Across other topic areas (just not here in the Feature Board topic area) there are also many that I’ve probably missed a few links. But if you think this “Glass Break Sensor” device would be nice to have, click on the links below and then click the Thumbs Up Icon.