Ring alarm battery backup only 15mins

So I have a Ring alarm. All works well except that the battery backup is only 15 mins NOT 24 hours as said.

The base station would stay connected and powered on for many hours when it is connected over cellular data (subscription) when it goes onto battery backup.

BUT since my wifi has a power backup for when power is cut the wifi will still be connected when the base station goes onto its battery backup. Only then it would automatically cut the connection to the wifi after 15minutes.

This is NOT what was explained when advertised.

How do I set the base station to simply keep the wifi connection on its battery power?

This is what it says for the Pro Base Station. It says nothing about maintaining WiFi for 24 hours. Low Power mode is very limited so it sounds like you are trying to do too much with the base station and still expect it to last 24 hours, which it never said it would.
If you still think the battery is actually defective then contact Support (https://support.ring.com/hc/en-us/articles/213608406-Contact-Us). Be aware, wait times are long.

Internal battery backup lasts up to 24 hours in Low Power Mode.

  • Disclaimer: In Low Power Mode, only some security features, including Alarm Cellular Backup, are available. Battery life is dependent on device settings, usage, environment, and other factors.

Thanks solar eclipse.
Yes I see I might have been a bit ambiguous…
What I was hoping for is that the system when armed or not simply remain connected throughout the time it is on battery backup.

The base station stays active/on when on battery backup for a very long time but seems the main feature that drops is the wifi connection, thereby not allowing one to do ANYTHING via the app and therefore also not notifying one of an alarm activation. It would siren, but if one is out you would not get any notifications as it has no connection to the wifi (all the while it is still powered by battery).

I would have thought that wifi connection would be a feature that is not limited as the main feature is the app notifications and ability to arm/disarm remotely.

Hi @user16183. This Help Center article here has more information about the Backup Internet for the Ring Alarm Pro. You’ll be able to find out what happens during a power outage here. To ensure you have the most coverage when there is an outage, you should consider the Ring Power Pack, which can extend your battery for up to 8 hours.