Ring Alarm Base Station

I have an older Base Station Ve 1.52.0 (10) Should I upgrade to the new Base Station with eero. And also should I add the extended eero too.
Thanks and have a bless day

If what you have already works, why upgrade?

Hi @Craig57. I recently made the upgrade from the Gen 1 Base Station to the Ring Alarm Pro Base Station. Overall, it operates the same as before but it has so many added features. I used to have “dead zones” for my WiFi, but with the built in Eero, that’s no longer a concern. I also opted to added the Power Pack for additional backup power and internet. This Help Center article here is a great resource for information about the Ring Alarm Pro.

I understand with the Pro, you benefit from the Power Pack add-on in case you lose power, which seems in-line with traditional alarm systems.
However, I don’t need the Eero component as I already have a very nice router.
Can you use the Pro without having to use the built-in router? Is anything lost? Or does anyone have experience running two wifi networks simultaneously?

I’ve never had a problem running 2 different routers in my house with their own WiFi. Sometimes the issue is getting a device on one WiFi network to talk to a device on the other WiFi network. It’s not impossible, but can take some technical knowhow to make it happen. Of course if you don’t need that cross-WiFi access for devices then it shouldn’t be an issue.
I thought if I ever upgraded to the Pro I’d just connect all my Ring devices and other IOT devices I use with Ring to the Pro and the rest of my computers/laptops/tablets/TVs to my existing WiFi.