Ring Alarm Base station needs reset following power loss

Seems like the best solution is to plug the base into a UPS. You should also plug your router into a UPS as well as modem. Often times the ISP is still working in a power outage. Even if Wifi is lost at least with a UPS it should reconnect to wifi as you are extending the 15 minute window. At least the alarm and sensors work just no monitoring or app functionality which is mainly what I got it for as I’m self monitoring.

Really frustrating that the response from ring is to basically get over it. I have my base station connected to Ethernet(because WiFi stopped working a couple months ago, probably this same problem but I didn’t make time to investigate and resolve that, I just plugged in an Ethernet cable and moved on) and with a power loss it still didn’t reconnect itself when power came back. I was out of town, so couldn’t just reset it. It needs to be automatically trying to reconnect after power is restored. Probably try every 2 minutes or so after power is restored. Not fixing this comes across as a way to push people towards the monitoring subscription so it will switch to the cellular backup.


By keeping the WiFi feature broken, Ring forces you to pay for their monthly plan. Simple. It will never be fixed.
For the record, I will move my (four) Ring alarms onto a better system shortly.
Ring: Do not suggest people contact support for this issue. Your support desk clearly doesn’t know about this issue.
Get a grip.


I join the regrettable crowd here of the same problem which has caused me to nearly convert this router into a frisbee. I have been doing some switch upgrades in the house for dimmers and have to shut the power on and off—every time I do, the Ring Alarm Pro moves into cellular mode and burning thru data since my TVs are all WIFI connected to work. It takes every imaginable re-set process of sequencing with the modem first re-booting with a disconnected Ring Alarm Pro (including power for at least 2 minutes), then reset with the pin quickly and then plugging the Ethernet back in. Sometimes, this takes 5 to 10 times or more to re-connect.

My problem is that I own a second house. While it’s great that it moves to cellular and I have a battery stack, it has to re-connect with the modem when power is restored or there is no purpose to this combined router. We are in the mountains and lose power.

I have spent no less than 4 hours with Ring Service including an hour yesterday.

This has to get fixed or the base station replaced or I need to move on from the Ring Security Pro system and bag the cellular, just using my own WIFI distribution and the base Security system without cellular. Only problem, I have 51 devices connected in my house from blinds to switches and many will need new passwords to switch routers.

Ring Advisors. If you are reading this—you have a serious problem. Stop beating around the bush and either fix this or create a program to return and replace units that may be defective.

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I’m appalled by what I am reading. I bought the Ring alarm system for a second home and after a power blip the base alarm isn’t reconnecting to the Internet even though it’s hard wired. I paid a lot of money for this system and if I knew of this issue I wouldn’t have bought it. It’s a simple software fix to resolve this so make it happen Ring!!!

backup for three months. I will be away from home for another month. I would suggest that a update is in order. I was in the process of shopping for more devices for my system. This will be put on hold until this problem is addressed. I have five other devices on my wifi all recovered flawlessly. These other devices were a lot less expensive than the Ring. Perhaps Ring could take some lessons from these manufacturers.

An update. There is no update. Actually, it’s worse. After hours on the phone, I finally had someone acknowledge that the device has a ‘hand shake’ issue when the modem goes on and off. Yesterday in a storm, we lost our internet for maybe 45 minutes. Received the alert—your internet has been restored. But, guess what—Ring Alarm Security Pro is STUCK in cellular mode and after every form of remote reset between Spectrum and then the security alarm pro base station remotely—they can’t fix it. I need to drive 3 hours back to this house and do a hard re-set after letting the power go out for 2 minutes + so that I can re-connect.

This is ridiculous. The fact that it’s a known issue!!!

And, now processing a return label? Customer service is horrific with returns. I am going to change back to the 2nd generation base station without the router built in.

Ring—you need to have a sit down with your folks. Fix this problem or get it off the market.

DO NOT BUY this unless you have it in your home and are prepared to do a hand shake re-set nearly every time your power goes off.

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This shortcoming of the Ring Alarm System is inexcusable, especially after years of complaints by numerous customers. A system such as this should restore the connection to the router/modem after a power failure, regardless of time out!! The problem is not solved by hardwire ethernet connection to the router/modem. A manual reset is unacceptable if this system is in a location that is far from where you are, and in my case, at a seasonal home that we are away from for a few months. A UPS is not the answer, as most will not turn back on after long outages and battery depletion. What good is this? One needs to have remote communication via the app…all the time! All other Wi-Fi/ethernet system auto-reconnect.
Very disappointed.
Ring and Amazon: Please fix this problem and SERVICE your customers.

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Hi All,

I was having the same issue and the thing that fixed it for me was to turn the VPN off on my iPhone. In this case I was using Express VPN. As soon as the VPN was turned off, everything connected exactly how it is supposed to.

Good luck!

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