Ring Alarm Base Station Chimes Periodically

I installed my Ring Alarm Base Station & Retrofit Kit a few weeks ago.

We’ve been noticing there’s a random chiming sound that sounds like it coming from the base station - two beeps each time. There is no way to predict when it will happen.

I have email and push notifications enabled for every possible option. I do not receive any emails or push notifications when the beeps happen. I checked the event log several times to see what’s getting logged and don’t see any events logged.

The alarm consists of the Base, retrofit kit, a range extender, front door keypad, and several wireless sensors. All of the sensors show “closed” and the base, keypad, range extender, and retrofit kit all show they are “online”.

This is driving us nuts! How can we troubleshoot it to figure out the cause?

Hi @Jeff-H. I would check to make sure that your Motion Detector does not have any Chirp Tones active. If you have a Chirp Tone selected, you could be hearing a seemingly random noise coming from the Base Station. You can also check all of your Chirp Tones to see what noises are selected. Try changing them around to the Wind Chimes to see if you can narrow down which sensor is making the noise. I hope this helps.