Ring Alarm Base Station can not be reconnected after Internet service interruption

Hi there, we have a Internet service (Comcast/Xfinity) interruption today and after the Internet connection is restored, I’m seeing our Ring Alarm Base Station continue to stay offline (showing on my Android Ring App), and when I tried to click into the Ring Alarm icon (for setup), the Android Ring App just keep running and running and just won’t go into the setup screen. What can I do? I’m using a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and have all the latest patches/updates. Thanks!

Hmm… interesting. After I restarted my Samsung Galaxy Note 9, it seems that now in the Android Ring App, it’s showing the Alarm Base Station as “Online” now… Is this a known issue, that if I experience Internet service outage, after the Internet is restored, I should ALWAYS restart my Android phone for the “Alarm Base Station” to correctly update its latest status? Thanks!

Hi @midibear. I’m glad to hear everything is working properly now! It’s possible this was a one-time occurrence, but if you do experience another outage and your Ring App reports anything as offline, I’d suggest restarting your phone again as you did this time. Feel free to mark your reply as a solution in case any other neighbors experience something similar. :slight_smile: