Ring Alarm Base Station Battery Mode

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I’ve just purchased the Ring Alarm 5 piece starter kit and would like to know if, in the event of a power outage, the base station disables its internal Wifi or Ethernet port while on battery?
I live in South Africa and we experience Load Shedding (We have power outages for 2hrs or more) My router is able to run using a LIFEPO4 UPS for the duration of the Load Shedding and I have internet access.
I’m currently using the Self Monitoring mode for the Ring alarm and have no intention to sign up for a Ring Protect plan for now.


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Hi @Michael_Ringing. No, the Ring Alarm Base Station does not disconnect from wifi when it is running on battery backup. It will disconnect from wifi if your wifi network goes down during an outage, but battery backup does not affect this.

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