Ring alarm armed while door is ajar

It is the second time we find one of our doors having been ajar while system was armed in home mode and us or the system not being aware of it. The most event being about half an hour ago. Checked doors because one of us thought we heard noises. We use “smart” Schlage locks on both entries. So that particular lock must not have been locked, since at that door position could not be (door mostly closed but for a quarter of an inch away from clicking shut. So my dismayed question is: how can my ring alarm have armed in Home mode when my door sensor should have read as open? How can I prevent this from happening in the future? I.e., I want to be made aware of door not being properly locked as I arm the alarm. I definitely do not have peace of mind at the moment.

Hi there, @Mn! Depending on which mode you are arming in, and how the Contact Sensor is configured (entryway, secondary door, window, etc), the best first step is checking each mode to ensure the Sensor is included as desired. Check out our help center article about arming in different modes, with steps on how to ensure Sensors are included in all modes (home/ away).

If a Sensor is included in a mode, but is “open” while you are arming the Alarm, this Sensor will be bypassed, or indicate to you that bypass or closing is required before arming. To ensure a Sensor is properly closed, we recommend using both the open and closed chirps toggle in the Ring app. This will play an audible chirp when your door is opened and when it is closed, to ensure it registers as such. Keep in mind, the magnet should be no further than 1 inch from the Sensor for intended operation. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: