Ring Alarm Arm/Disarm scenarios

I have Ring Alarm integration in Home Assistant. I would like to completely automate Ring Alarm based on a couple of different scenarios.

First attempt was During a certain time frame and everyone is home and the door is locked, Arm Ring Home! It works but in the morning if you open the wrong door, like I have many times to let the dog out, you set the alarm off.

Tried adding some additional features to it. I used 2 Wyze contact sensors to monitor the status of the door lock position so if either door was unlocked it would disarm ring. That seems to work also but Not sure how I can tie it all together and make it a little cleaner using something based on time, person zones and lock statues.

The two locks below are not working at the moment, not sure whats they can both be in the same state but the next block will never go true. What I am looking for there really is, Is anyone home> Are both doors locked> if true, Arm Ring Home. If someones zone changes to Home, disarm ring so they can come in without setting off the alarm.

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