Ring alarm and smart lock

Looking to get a smart lock for the home have roommates and have the ring alarm set up. I know this is a dumb question but I was wondering if there was a way to only set the alarm when no one is home. Since there are 4 in this house we all have different schedules is there a way to lock the door without setting the alarm and have it only arm when no one is home. I’m trying to see if spending 200 bucks on one is worth it.

Hey @Nick6. When you add a compatible smart lock to your system, you have the option to turn on/off a feature that is “Disarm with Unlocking and Arm and Locking.” This feature is more of an “all or nothing” type of deal, and cannot be mode specific at this time.

What I would recommend is to not have this feature on, and have your roommates as Shared Users, or ever guest users. That way, if they are a shared user, they can disarm/arm from the app when they know nobody is home, or if they are a guest user, they can do so from the keypad with their code. That way, they can arm whenever they need to, but also not worry about locking the door resulting in the system arming! Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

I noticed on the set-up FAQ that “Yes. Only codes created in the Ring app will work with this feature. Any codes created within the smart lock itself will not work with this feature.”

Could it be that I could set up one code to arm/disarm the system via the Ring app, and then have a second code set up within the device (not through the Ring app) that locks the door, but does NOT arm the system?? I know this would be for unique circumstances.

Well, I think if it is configured and you lock the door it is set to away. So as long as you do not have motion sensors in away mode it would do what you want?

Perhaps you are onto something as per my attachment. That said, I cannot test it for you as I have no clue what code that is LOL

And FWIW I got an 888 lock on amazon for under $125

This thread seems to indicate you can set codes that will not affect ring.

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