Ring Alarm And Schlage Connect Smart Lock

I am considering purchasing a second Ring Alarm along with the Schlage Connect Smart Lock for a second residence my wife and I will be visiting from time to time. The Schlage web site currently shows the following information:

"After pairing the devices, you can lock and unlock your door from anywhere, add or remove access codes, and get alerts when a code is entered, all from one spot – the Ring App. You can also check your lock’s battery level via the Ring App."

Schlage Connect Questions (Other brands offer similar features):

1. Are all these features actually available on the Ring App?
2. Are there any additional Smart Lock features available other than what Schlage listed?
3. Are these features available from the Dashboard or am I forced to use the side menu; select devices. Alarm Base Station and then find the Schlage Connect Smart Lock? Convenience is important to me-particularly for a smart lock.

Ring Alarm Questions:

1. Will I need a second Ring Protect Plus Plan over and above the plan I have for our main residence?

2. How do I add a second location to the Ring App?
3. Will I be automatically notified of events from either location (such as door entry, motion detection, or a door unlocked or locked) regardless of which location I currently have active in the app?

I’ve also looked at the Schlage Encode Wifi or the Yale Assure Lock SL WiFi which appear to offer additional features within their respective apps over and above the Ring. On the other hand, I value the increased battery life that comes with Z-Wave and the idea of only having to deal with one app vs several. I’m also aware that Z-Wave helps me avoid potential congestion problems on my WiFi network.

Any definitive answers to my questions will help me make up my mind as to which direction I want to go.

Thanks so much.

Hey there, @Aragorn3! I’ll be happy to answer these questions for you. In regards to the Schlage Connect, please review the specified models that Works With Ring to ensure it will be fully compatible. The Schlage Connect BE469ZP allows the following in the Ring app:

  • Lock and unlock your door remotely from the Ring App
  • View lock/unlock status and battery level from the Ring app.
  • Review a history of lock/unlock events so you know who is coming and going.

You will be happy to hear that there is now a Locks shortcut available on the Ring app dashboard for quicker access to these features. Additionally, Schlage Connect comes with a built-in audible alarm sensor that alerts you to activity at the door.

When adding a Ring Alarm system to multiple locations, we’ve ensured to make this operation as easy and seamless as possible. As the Protect Plus Plan is only good for one geographic location, you will need an additional subscription for the other address. Conveniently enough, during the setup of your Alarm system there will be a step for confirming location. The Ring app will automatically organize your locations, which can be switched to view anytime from the dashboard.

Last but not least, as long as both Alarm systems are added under the same account and both locations appear in the Ring app, your settings for each location will reflect on your mobile device. In short, yes you will be notified for both Alarms systems if their alerts are enabled at both locations. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Thank you for such a thorough explanation. It does indeed address my concerns.

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