Ring Alarm and home automation

I would like to have all my lights that are hooked into HomeKit, Lutron Caseta to be specific, come on (or flash) when the alarm is triggered. I initially thought I could do this with IFTTT but there is no trigger for the Alarm, just doorbells.

Does anyone have any suggestions of how to do this? Of course if Ring was fully integrated into HomeKit…



I’m working on the same whish here. I’m now focussing on the email Ring is sending about the alarm that is triggerd and how to forward this to IFTTT. You can then set a scene based upon the email that is received.

Ring should make the alarm (modus and alarmtrigger) available trough IFTTT. And also make it possible to sound the alarm of the camera’s when the alarm goes off…

Please let me know your progress.

Regards, Mark

Any luck with this and processing email alerts if ifttt?

I have mine linked to HomeBridge running on a Linux server. From there, the sensors and siren show up in HomeKit and Google Home, where I can set up automations.

I currently use this to arm the system at bedtime and to disarm in the morning when I walk past the motion sensor outside my bedroom door.