Ring Alarm and Eero 6E

I want to upgrade my home network and interested in Eero 6E network.
I see the Ring Pro has a built in Eero 6 which after reading around I learned that I shouldn’t be using that as extender for my network.
My question:
If I get Ring alarm (not pro) and Eero 66E, then subscribe to Ring Pro (which offers Eero secure) can I use the Eero secure with my Eero 6E, or I must have Ring Pro base station in order to use the Eero secure?

I find it annoying that I pay for both subscriptions (Ring Plus and Eero Pro) while I really don’t need the extra features that comes with Eero plus, comparing to Eero secure.

Hi @Doc55. If you do not set up a Ring Alarm Pro while on the Ring Protect Pro plan, you will not be able to use the Eero Secure benefit that comes with the Pro plan. Additionally, we recently added the ability to set up the Ring Alarm Pro as an extender to an existing Eero system. This Help Center article here provides a chart that does show it can be added as an extender to an existing Eero and still have all the Ring Alarm Pro features work. It also has a section that states that if you have an existing Eero mesh network setup, we generally recommend adding Alarm Pro as an extender instead of replacing your Eero gateway device. Doing so allows you to preserve existing Eero features while still supporting Alarm Pro’s advanced functionality. I hope this helps.