Ring Alarm and Door Contact Sensor

We have the Ring Security System and have a question in the wirkings of the system with door contact sensors. We also are paying for the premium service. I’ve as of yet not set up the sensors for a few reasons.<br><br>I’m wanting to have a couple contacts set on our 10 yr olds bedroom door and his window. He is developmentally delayed and gets up in the middle of the night and gets into things he shouldn’t etc.<br><br>I would like to have ones from his room not set off the alarm system when he triggers them but would like an alert for that regardless if the system is armed or not. However contacts placed on outer doors and windows I would like to set off system if triggered. <br><br>Is this possible?<br>Thanks

Yes, this is possible. For each contacg sensor you can decide whether it is armed or not, in either stay or away mode, and whether it is to send alerts. So yes, you can have a contact sensor never be armed but send alterts.

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