Ring Alarm 2nd gen contact sensor width?

I see Ring just announced a 2nd generation alarm system with redesigned keypad and sensors, and that the components are backwards compatible with the 1st gen system.

The 2nd gen contact sensors are said to be smaller, and I see they are so in thickness and total volume, but they are much wider.

from the Ring.com website:

1st gen dimensions: 3.23" x 0.98" x 0.94"

2nd gen dimensions: 1.56" x 2.09" x 0.55"

Q: Does the 2nd gen dimension include, or exclude the magnet? It’s unclear from the spec.

specifically, I’d like to know the width of just the 2nd gen sensor alone, without the magnet. (i.e the dimension marked “?” in the attached image)

The first gen sensors fit on the edge of the sash windows in my old house, but I’m wondering if the 2nd gen sensors will still fit, as they look much wider.

Another question: will Ring continue to sell the 1st gen contact sensors?

Great question, @abc ! Are you looking to add new sensors?

We measured 1.125 inches wide (1"1/8) without the magnet.

If you want, attached a picture of your current set up and we can share some advice :slight_smile: Thanks!

thanks @Jennifer_Ring for confirming the width.

I’m not looking to add new sensors at this time, having recently finished installing a new Ring Alarm system (gen 1). But I was worried the gen 2 contact sensors would be too wide for my old style sash windows (only about 1.5" wide), should I ever need to replace some sensors in the future, or add some extra ones - especially if you stop selling gen 1 sensors. But I see the new ones will fit. thanks.

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