Ring Alarm (2nd gen) base station chimes not working

Base station chimes, for example door chimes, are not working at the base station only. The keypad chimes ARE working. Base station chimes were working fine when I first stated setting things up, but have stopped. I’ve tried rebooting the base station. Volume is set at about 80%. Base station siren works just fine.

Hi @CandB. Is there a specific Contact Sensor or Motion Detector that you’ve noticed does not have an audible chirp tone from the Base Station when the sensor is triggered? Or does this occur across all sensors? Do you have the Keypad situated near the Base Station, or are they in separate areas?

This happens with all contact and motion sensors. Keypad is in another room, across the hall and about 25 feet from the base station. Keypad chimes work for all sensors, no problem.

OK, I think I found the problem: I have a Ring Wired Spotlight Camera. Under the camera’s mode settings > Disarmed mode, I had Chirps set to Off. This apparently disables ALL chimes for the base station, but NOT the keypad. I don’t know if that’s a “feature” or a “bug”, but certainly not what I expected.

@CandB You are correct that there is a Chirps option under the Modes setting, which applies to your Ring Alarm devices. When you tap the Mode Settings tile on any of your Ring devices, it will bring up the Mode Settings options for all of your devices. If you toggle the Chirps option back on under the Modes Settings, do you hear the chirp tones play from your Base Station when a Contact Sensor or Motion Detector is triggered?