Ring Account issues

Hi, My neighbour recently transferred from Sky to Virgin, hence new router and nothing in her house was working. She has a 2nd Gen Ring Doorbell.
I split the 2.4GHz and 5GHz signals and logged all her devices back in.

The Ring doorbell was a major problem and in the end I had to factory reset it. In order to set up I had to scan the MAC barcode and that is when the problems started.

The App said I could not configure the device as it was already owned and there was no way I could “unown” it. Contacted Support and was on the phone to a helpful guy but could not receive any of the 2FA emails to the neighbours email account.

In the end the support guy (after a couple of hours of this) suggested that I split the neighbours Amazon account from the Ring Account, when I tried to do this on the app I was met with the 2FA screen again and now totally stymied and lost the will to live. Any advice gratefully appreciated

Hi @ianxv1100. It sounds like your neighbor has signed into a different Ring account that the one their Doorbell was originally set up under. As the Ring Community is a public forum for general troubleshooting assistance, your neighbor is likely going to need to continue working with support to gain access to their original Ring account. You can also ask her if she has multiple email addresses to see if she can remember which one is associated with the original account, then reset the password for that account if needed.

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