Ring Access Controller

The Ring Access Controller Pro how many outputs / doors can i connect to ? and using from the app?

the wiegand on this interface is to act as a reader if it will connect to an access control?


Hey @clifton_ESI! The Ring Access Controller Pro has a total of four outputs – two relay outputs and two Wiegand outputs. It could control four doors but in most scenarios, it would only connect to two relay controlled doors. The Wiegand output ports replicate FOB or key card credentials that are stored on the device during setup. The Wiegand ports replay the credentials to the controller when you app requests an unlock. These ports do not act as a reader.
The Ring app will only control one of the activated doors, from your selection within the app. The Amazon Key app would control all doors activated on the device. The Amazon Key app is required and the Ring app is the featured counterpart for live interaction to one door. Hope this helps! :slight_smile: