Ring Access Controller Pro

Does the Ring Access Controller Pro work with Liftmaster driveway gates? The gate slides on rollers using a chain, but is controlled currently by garage door opener type remotes.

You can pretty much use the Ring Access Controller Pro to control any device that can be actuated by an electrical switch. The RACP has two relay outputs on it; so you could control up to two doors this way. If you wire the garage door button (the thing on the wall inside your garage) in parallel with one of the relay outputs on the RACP, then it should open your garage when activated, stop your garage if activated while it’s motion, and close your garage if the door is open. This is just like being there to push the button in person. This should also work for Amazon Key deliveries. I’d recommend using a Ring Camera so that you can confirm the garage is closed, and also so that you can use the Ring App with your RACP. For some reason, you cannot use the Ring app and a RACP without a camera.

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