Ring 4 versus 3+ WIFI connectivity

I have an Orbi WiFi6 AX3000 system. I replaced my existing Orbi 3000 mesh system and am very pleased with one exception. My Ring 3+ video doorbell is at @55-65 RSSI. I have a satellite right by the door but it keeps connecting to the router. There is no way to force the Orbi system to connect to a particular satellite. I was tempted to try the Ring 4 as the ads say it has better connectivity, but I am unable to tell if the WIFI on the Ring 4 is really the same as on the Ring 3+. Anyone have an answer to the quesiton? Thanks in advance.

@MiketheD Can be a common issue with mesh systems were clients don’t connect to the closest/strongest signal. Some systems have settings to help manage this but I am not familiar with Orbi. You RSSI is still ok, are you experiencing issues?


RSSI varies but no real issues connecting even when gets as high as mid-60s. It’s just odd. Satellite is right behind the wall about 5’ away from the doorbell. Varies between 45 and 65. Another one is in the back yard about 30’ from another satellite and RSSI always between 25-35.