RING 4 — reduce issues

This sounds weird …

Ok so right now I live in an apt with lighting and sometimes I get weird lines; when I adjust the HDR it helps but it’s like have to do it once a day ,

So my questions here is what I am talking about (pictures of it looking crappy and not )

So my question is do they maybe make protective film to go over to prevent this or what does someone suggest ??!

I can’t put it on the wall (using screws) and afraid of using adhesive tape because u never know someone might steal it…

My rssi has been between 30-60 (have a eero router with one of the routers near the doorbell on top of my pantry —- and having it changed doesn’t effect this issue?

In general is there ever away to make it 100% perfect or does everyone have some issues ??

Hi @Scruffmybuff. This lines you are seeing appear to be due to the frame rate in which your device records and the lighting conditions/HDR. Your RSSI is great and I don’t believe this to be a signal issue. This is more or a quirk for you particular setup. I hope this answers your question.

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