Ring 3rd Gen Stick up Camera = JUNK

Yes, I know there have been multiple threads on the 3rd Generation Stick up Camera but I will share my experience anyway.

Over the years I have heard good things about Ring cameras. At the beginning of the year in January I saw that the 3rd Gen Stick up Cameras were being sold for $99. I decided to get one and try it out. Initially I was impressed and decided to buy three additional cameras plus one indoor stick up camera.

As early as April the problems started. First each camera would randomly just stop working. Not at the same time I must note. Pulling the battery and reinstalling it would wake the cameras back up. Eventually the cameras would once again become unresponsive. Sometimes this would happen after two weeks other times it would happen after only one day. I decided to do the reset procedure on each camera and the problem seemed to go away. Then in June, one camera just flat out quit. On that one I tried to reset and while it seemed to be fixed it would soon stop working again. I put that one to rest.

My next one in late July started having different problems. This one started giving me black screen recordings during the night but it would work properly in the daytime. I did the reset procedure and well guess what happened? The camera bricked. It is dead. My last one is still working but who knows how long that one is going to last. I will also note that I went out and bought a replacement camera (another stick up cam) to replace the first on back in July since it was on sale at Home Depot and it is still working properly (for now).

Now I will say that the Indoor Stick up Cam that I bought in May has NOT given me any problems whatsoever. It has worked flawlessly since day one.

All of this to say that the 3rd Gen Stick up Camera is Absolute JUNK. Stay away from it!

Ring, do us a favor and please discontinue the 3rd Gen Stick up Camera and have them pulled from store shelves. These are not good cameras.

Now having said all of that it appears that the other cameras from Ring are holding up well. I will give Ring another chance with the other ones and hope I do not experience the problems I (and others) have had with the outdoor stick up cameras.