Ring 3 Zone - False Trigger Questions

I had both - Ring & Ring 2 and had many problems with the motion sensors - either triggering every time a car drove by or not picking me up waving my hands within feet of the doorbell. At one point, it was doing both - triggering when cars drove by and not triggering when I walked up to the door. We tried wedges, Ring sent me a new doorbell, we adjusted zones - nothing worked. Finally Ring relented and gave me a refund after I returned everything.

I recognize my house just wasn’t right for these doorbells. My front door faces the street with about 2ft rise from the sidewalk. No large plants to obstruct traffic. The sidewalk is 10ft away from the door, the road is 14ft from the door. My doorbell ate through batteries and I had to turn off notifications because they were so frequent.

Now that Ring 3 has come out, I am curious to know if others have similar experiences with false triggers at further distances and/or no triggers when there should be as someone walks up? Ideally, I’d like to set up a 5-7ft zone directly in front of the door with side zones along the front of the house.