Ring 3 Plus Set-Up

In Set-Up Mode and getting the notification "Something Went Wrong With Set-Up. My IT person tried to set-up the doorbell at least 6 times and received the same message. He gave up.

Any suggestions to get it set-up and working? Thank you.

Hi there, @Batman1! Often times when setup fails, the Doorbell or Ring app will indicate a reason as to why it may have failed. Which step is the setup failing at?

Setting up near the router is always a great way to ensure the connection is optimal. Trying another mobile device for setup can rule out many factors. Please ensure there is no vpn enabled on your mobile device.

As you mentioned having an IT person helping here, if you are using an advanced or enterprise network, our help center article about ports and protocols might be of some use here. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: