Ring 3 plus, no sun charger attached but message says it is

I have a Doorbell 3 plus. No adapter attached (yet).
In settings I see there’s a solar accessory attached, however it is not present at all. Did not install one…?

The attached image is Dutch, but ‘Solar-status’ says ‘Verbonden’, meaning Connected.

Thanks for you advice/solution.

Hi @JackPe. There are a few things that we can check here. First, ensure that your Ring app is up to date. Next, I suggest resetting your Doorbell and reconnecting it to wifi. To perform a reset, press and hold the setup button for 20 seconds, then release. Next, go ahead and reconnect your Doorbell to wifi. After a short update, try pressing the Doorbell button and then checking to see if your power status is correct.

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Hi @Tom_Ring.
Thanks for your reply.

I will check your possible solutions tomorrow!

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Hi @Tom_Ring.
It has been a few days more now, but I carried out these steps.

I ordered the Ring AC adapter (24VAC). I received it.
Charged my Ring Doorbell 3 Plus battery completely (100% loaded).
Mounted the battery into the device.
Then I did the reset (Press button 20 seconds).
Connected the received Ring Doorbell adapter.
Then connected the adapter to the wall outlet.

In the app I see a green battery with a small lightning sign in it.
Tapping on this battery icon I get into the data.
I can see the bell is Connected, which is good. (Solar Status is not an issue anymore!).

However, after 3 days now, I see that the Battery level still drops.
It is at 92% already…?!

I wonder now, is everything going well?
I used my Digital Voltage meter and the power that is measured is 27V AC, so it appears that the Adapter works fine.

Do you have any advice for me please?
I start thinking that the Doorbell has problems with the charging circuit now…
Hope not but, fear is present…

Thanks in advance.
Kind regards.

Hey there @JackPe. Glad to hear that you were able to take care of that stuff. With the Plug-In Adapter, it actually waits to trickle charge your battery until it falls below 90%. Once your battery gets to this point, you should start to see a positive trend in your battery percentage. I would monitor this for a few days to see if that’s the case. Let me know! :slightly_smiling_face: