Ring 3 Plus...no-drill mount replacement adhesive?

Our Ring 3 Plus, which was mounted on the masonry outside our front door, has begun to come loose…the adhesive is losing its stick.

Can I purchase replacement adhesive strips? Failing that, does anyone have a recommendation for something I can use to get this thing mounted back nice and secure?

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Hi @Joshoid. In this case, I suggest cleaning the masonry with a strong cleaner and then wiping with a rubbing alcohol. Let this completely dry for a few minutes. Next, you can use 3M double sided adhesive or something similar. At your local home improvement store, they might carry a masonry specific adhesive. You should have great results with this method!

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Is there no way to buy the replacement adhesives on their own? The ring adhesives are outdoor rated and have the pull tabs accessible when the camera is off but hidden when the camera is on. It shouldn’t be this difficult to get replacement parts, as multiple posts are about this specific request.


Ring doesn’t make its own double sided tape.
You need to purchase it from a retailer that does. Many brick and mortar shops and online retailers carry any number of different brands.

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