Ring 3 plus doorbell will not find 5G network

I have excellent 5G on my iphone at the site of my rear doorbell but when setting up a new 3plus it does not list the 5G as one of the available netowrks.

Hi @Anissens ! Awesome you got the new Video Doorbell 3 Plus! Can’t wait to hear how you like it.

Are you able to install and complete a set up on a different network?

I can connect to my other non-5g network but I upgraded from Ring 2 where I had weak internet to 3plus so I could connect to my 5g network.

If your having internet issues with 2.4 GHz, than 5Ghz would be even worse. 2.4 GHz is made for distance and is better getting through walls and such. 5 GHz is made for speed and is more affected by walls and interference. So, in short 5ghz is not as good as 2.4ghz for wifi devices

Hi @Anissens ! Can you please let us know if you were able to try to set your device to 5g? Feel free to try this today and let us know an update. Our team is currently investigating this. Thanks!

Still unable to sign onto 5G

I’m having the same issue. My Ring 3 doorbell cannot detect my 5ghz network. Has anyone had any success?

Well, it’s now November and Ring still haven’t got this issue fixed.

My doorbell 3 Plus will only connect to my 2.4ghz network. It refuses to connect to the 5ghz wifi network even though the doorbell and the router are less than 10 feet away from each other.

Every other device in my house has a strong 5ghz wifi connection to the router so there is no reason the Ring doorbell shouldn’t.

Hi neighbors! If you have many devices connected to your 5Ghz network, it is possible that your router is dedicating this bandwidth or has utilized it’s 5Ghz bandwidth for your other devices. Try bringing your Ring device inside near the router to see if the 5Ghz network shows up. Keep in mind, a 2.4 Ghz wifi radio frequency is much more efficient over distance and through exterior walls when compared to 5Ghz.

Another step worth trying, during setup, is choosing the “add a hidden network” option when you reach the final setup step in the Ring app to connect to your home wifi. This option will allow you to manually enter your 5 Ghz network information. We’ve also seen neighbors share success with creating a guest 5Ghz network and testing connection to this. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: