Ring 3 Plus changing motion zone distance

I just got the Ring 3 Plus. When looking at the motion zones there are only four areas. One only goes 5 feet from my house and the other three go out into the street. How can I adjust the three outside zones to be closer to my yard every car that drives by? I don’t want them off completely, because then what’s the purpose of having the video doorbell.

Hey @Omdahs. You will need to turn down your Motion Sensitivity, which is the adjustable slider you will see after selecting what zones to turn on/off. If you turn this down closer to the MIN value instead of MAX, this will have it not capture motion further out. You may need to play around with it a little to find this sweet spot, or mount a Wedge Kit to face more downward if it’s picking up too much of the cars in the street! :slight_smile: