Ring 3 Motion Zones

Can someone explain to me why the Ring 3 Plus motion zones are only able to be customized to an on or off setting? This was not the way it was 30 days ago when I set it up. I was able to change the size of the zone when I set it up originally and now I can only shut them on or off / or change sensativity settings.

Very unfortunate - Solutions?

Hi @chaseepals! You are certainly looking at the correct motion settings for your device model. The Video Doorbell 3 features adjustable motion zones as well as motion frequency options. Check out our help center article about motion settings on your Video Doorbell 3, which contains the steps on changing each motion setting. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I have a similar concern. I previously had the Ring Video Doorbell Pro and have upgraded (so I thought) to the Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus. Previously, I was able to create motion zones as I required. Now, there are 3 zones that are pre-defined and much too large. Yes, there is a sensitivity option but this is really not what I am looking for as I get false alerts on the extra zone since it reaches out too far. What happened to being able to create custom zones??